• ✵ The Tech Academy Seattle 2018 ✵

  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript/C#/ASP.NET MVC
  • ✵ Universtiy of Califonia, Irvine ✵

  • ✵ Bachelor's Degree ✵ 2013 ✵

  • ✵ International Business Major ✵

  • ✵ French Minor ✵ GPA: 3.5 ✵

  • ✵ Dean's List 7 quarters ✵
  • ✵ Assistant Manager at Sweetgreen, Berkeley | November 2016 - November 2017

  • ✵ Baker/Trainer/Line Cook/Server/Hostest at Saturn Cafe, Berkely | May 2017 - November 2017

  • ✵ Server/Trainer at Native Foods Cafe, Orange County | June 2013 - April 2014


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About Me

I am a recent graduate of resolute in expanding my aptitude for computer programming and development to ultimately serve a conscientious company that serves others. I am a creative writer with a background in business management looking to amalgamate that which I have learned while studying French and international business at the University of California, Irvine, with my proficiency in mathematics to provide an invaluable service to any company looking to give me the opportunity to develop for them. My attention to detail gives me the confidence in my vision to evolve the ways in which we program for the well being of all those working in this field. I am interested in collaborating with other computer programmers from all walks of life to expand our awareness of the intricacies and details of software development.

Erin Callison